Today Qusix is three unique models: Panorama, Horizon and Perspective.

Each one has special qualities resulting from the spacial relations between its modules. In addition, the system of fa├žade and window panels enables you to create your own, unique residence. Get to know the available versions and choose one that best suits your lifestyle.

ModelGrand Panorama

ModelDual Panorama


ALL ABOUT THE VIEW The configuration of this model provides a 240-degree panoramic view. The daylight brightens up the interior of the house from sunrise to sunset all year round. This model allows you to enjoy fully the benefits of


COMPACT, YET JUST AS SPATIOUS The structure is an ideal solution for small lots with dense afforestation or located in build-up areas. With windows facing one direction it provides privacy while giving an opportunity to choose the best possible view.


VERSATILITY IS KEY This model combines the best of everything. It gives you a generous view, occupies a small area and at the same time retains flexibility as far as more demanding lots are concerned. The modules of the house