The guiding principle of Qusix home design is versatility in any terrain.
From mountains and steep banks to coastlines in equatorial climate, city or suburbs,
Qusix will retain both it’s functional and aesthetic value.

The tried & tested materials such as glass and steel of highest quality convey a unique sense of timelessness and luxury.

The most charming landscapes are often challenging in terms of construction. With Qusix, lakesides or rocks are only additional assets. To reflect the building’s overall spatial adaptivity, each model also allows for unlimited options of interior arrangement.

We think that in order for a home to truly embrace the nature, a view it has is of unrivalled importance. With over 50% of glazed facade, it will be guaranteed to energise all the interiors, and you.

Taking a step further in the close relationship with nature, Qusix houses are adapted to implement the latest solutions in the field of intelligent and self-sufficient housing.

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